Take Control of TextExpander

Take Control of TextExpander

TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard!

Take Control of TextExpander

The ultimate guide to using TextExpander to type less and do more, from the popular Take Control Books series.

Take Control of TextExpander
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• Include clipboard contents in a snippet.
• Make a snippet that expands into a fill-in form.
• Work with formatted text and pictures in snippets.
• Create snippets that do date and time math.
• Automatically fix capitalization errors.
• Make snippets that contain other snippets.
• Share the same snippets among multiple Macs using Dropbox.
• Construct snippets that run AppleScripts and Unix commands.

About the author:

In no particular order, Michael E. Cohen has been a teacher, a programmer, an editor, a short-order cook, a postal clerk, a Web designer, a digital media producer, an instructional technology consultant, a certified usability analyst, and an assembly line worker.

A three-time contributing editor to The Macintosh Bible, Cohen is the author or co-author of several other books, including Take Control of Syncing Data in Snow Leopard, The iPad Project Book, iMovie ’09 & iDVD ’09 for Dummies, Apple Training Series: iLife ’09, The Mac Xcode 2 Book, and AirPort and Mac Wireless Networks for Dummies.

About the Take Control series:
The Take Control series is well-known for its highly-practical, tightly-focused ebooks written by best-selling experts, covering Mac OS X and Macintosh applications. The PDF-format ebooks use carefully designed layout and typography for easy onscreen reading and printing, and they include bookmarks, clickable links, and a Check for Updates link that lets you access free updates.

Publishers Adam and Tonya Engst have been creating Apple-related content since they started the online newsletter TidBITS, in 1990. In TidBITS, you can find the latest
Apple news, plus read reviews, opinions, and more.


System Requirements:

TextExpander 5.x requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later.

For OS X 10.9, 10.8, or 10.7 please download TextExpander 4.3.6. For OS X 10.6, please download TextExpander 3.4.2. For OS X 10.4 and 10.5, please download TextExpander 2.8.1.