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Fixed A Troublesome TextExpander Bug

Posted 08/10/2010 by jean

Further to our post about disappearing snippets, we have identified at least one issue and have fixed it in TextExpander 3.1.1. We've seeded this fix to several customers and have received positive feedback that it fixed the problem for them. Please download and install the TextExpander 3.1.1 update. If you do experience a snippet loss, please let us know. If there are any other issues, we want to find them. Per our earlier post, please do the following if you experience the problem:
If you experience this problem, you can restore your snippet library by quitting TextExpander and restoring this file from your Time Machine or other backup: [Home]/Library/Application Support/TextExpander/Settings.textexpander Before you re-launch TextExpander, please also send a copy of the restored file to us at This is especially helpful if you find the problem recurs for you. If we gather enough settings files, hopefully we'll find one with which we can reproduce the problem. If we can reproduce it we can almost certainly fix it. In the meantime, we're very sorry for the inconvenience.
We appreciate your help in making TextExpander the best it can be.


After I updated on 3.1.2, all Snippets are gone.
The “Settings Backup.textexpander” was 0 kB.
Fortunately I could restore my Snippets from TimeMachine.

I am very disappointed. It’s realy basic functionality, which does not work.
I paid 32,95 € at I do except to save Time with this App. Now it took my a lot of time, to analyse the problem and restore my settings!

Work on that crap!!!

Posted by Ulle  on  09/22/2010  at  10:01 PM

@Ulle Please contact support so that we can look into this.

Posted by Greg  on  09/23/2010  at  06:44 AM

Problem still persists.

Posted by Richard Heldmann  on  09/27/2010  at  06:47 PM

@Richard Please contact support so that we can look into it.

Posted by Greg  on  09/28/2010  at  06:39 AM


Just wanted to say that I’m really loving TextExpander - it’s become a major part of my workflows…

I just wanted to share a tip or why i’ve integrated TextExpander into my workflow -

I often reply to emails with an audio recording, as opposed to writing replies - I just find it easier/faster .. and I use TextExpander as a way to quickly explain why they are getting an audio reply.

Thanks again…


Posted by Pete Williams  on  10/13/2010  at  02:58 AM

Pete: Thanks so much for the kind words… Enjoyed your video too!

Posted by Jean  on  10/13/2010  at  01:16 PM

Same thing happened to me last week (11/3/10) with v2.8.1. Just realized tonight, prior backup of that file has been overwritten. My registration info was gone as well, had to re-enter it. Great. It was nice while I could rely on it…

Posted by Dave Robeson  on  11/09/2010  at  10:10 PM

I had a problem similar to Ulle’s.  I tried to use TextExpander today but found that all my settings were gone.  I used TimeMachine to get them back.  I’m using 2.8.1.

Posted by Kirk Masden  on  07/10/2011  at  05:11 PM

Kirk: please contact us at so we can look into it. Thanks!

Posted by Jean  on  07/11/2011  at  02:02 PM

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