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iPhone Developers Integrate TextExpander touch

Posted 10/16/2009 by jean

When we first released TextExpander touch for the iPhone, we also released an SDK (Software Development Kit) that other iPhone developers could use to integrate TextExpander touch functionality into their apps. The response has been very positive, both from developers and users. Tip: If you want to use TextExpander touch with an app that supports it, you must turn on "Share Snippets" in the TextExpander touch preferences. You should also check the preferences of the app to see if it has a TextExpander setting that you need to enable. Here are the apps that have so far integrated TextExpander (links go to the App Store): Tweetie 2 tweetiei2-72.png"The Twitter client that redefined Twitter clients is back, and it's even better. Rewritten from the ground up with a fast and powerful new core, Tweetie 2 offers the most polished mobile Twitter experience around."
WriteRoom writeroom-72.png"For people who want to write and take notes on their iPhone. WriteRoom is a distraction free writing environment. Unlike Notes, WriteRoom provides a clean interface and tether free syncing."
Go Mail Yourself gomail-72.png"Go Mail Yourself allows you to quickly send yourself email notes or reminders using the Mail application. One of the basic fundamentals associated with improving productivity is quickly and easily capturing ideas and information so you can process them at the appropriate time."
Attendance attendance-72.png"Attendance allows you to take and keep attendance records. Its main intended use is for teachers to keep track of records for their classes, but it can also be used for meetings and group gatherings."
More apps will be adding TextExpander integration in the future. We'll keep an up-to-date list on our website.


One of our Twitter followers suggested that we should keep a “wish list” of user suggestions for apps they’d like to see TextExpander integration in. Feel free to add your app “wishes” to the comments here.

Posted by Jean MacDonald  on  10/16/2009  at  08:06 AM

I am afraid I am the Twitter follower mentioned wink...

Would love to see TextExpander integration for
- TwittelatorPro (best Twitter app on the iPhone - forget Tweetie 2!!)
- ShoveBox (I keep all my thoughts and reminders in there)
- Skype or Nimbuzz (for chats)
- Things (the best GTB app)
- Facebook App

I think the list is also in the correct order wink. I guess that integration into the standard SMS (text messaging) app or the Mail app from Apple is impossible ... :-(


Posted by Dirk T.  on  10/16/2009  at  09:41 AM

Fully agree with Dirk T’s list. Especially Skype, Things

I would like to add the following apps:

Mail (hey, it is a wish list after all, we can all dream.)

Good luck

Posted by Dirk S  on  10/16/2009  at  01:11 PM

SimplyTweet 2.5 will have TextExpander support built in, and it is a great thing.

Posted by WalrusCP  on  10/17/2009  at  10:53 AM

If TextExpander was supported by:
  • Sms/MMS
  • Mail
It would truly add value to the iPhone as a whole.

Apple: listen now! grin


Posted by Morten P Røvik  on  10/18/2009  at  10:53 AM

I’d like to see it for Simplenote, Beejive IM & Textfree.

Posted by Str1f3  on  10/19/2009  at  06:46 PM

Definitely Evernote.
I’d probably use ShoveBox more on my iPhone (use it on iMac all the time) if it was supported.
Only others that jump out at me are SMS and Mail….and nothing you guys can do about that atm. I’ve gotten accustomed to starting my SMS’s in TEtouch now. It’s only when I’m answered that I have to do the copy/paste dance.
Cool to know about WriteRoom having it.  I’ve been using it and didn’t realize it.
You guys just keep rocking!

Posted by macpug  on  10/30/2009  at  11:02 PM

I recently purchased Textexpander Touch from the iTunes store (I am UK based), but I immediately noticed a bug which makes the app unusable for me. Perhaps the specific combination of snippets and preferences I need triggers this behaviour, and others may not suffer from this. In my case, I use a number of single letters to trigger entire words (e.g. . Obviously such a strategy can’t be used with ‘expand immediately’ as every time I used that letter elsewhere, it would be substituted too. So, I take advantage of the space delimiter. But, the app very often becomes inactive when I type a single letter or number and then use an abbreviation; that abbreviation is not expanded and all subsequent expansions are also ignored. I find that I can reset the correct behaviour by hitting a number of ‘returns’ (or, of course, by relaunching TE). E.g. I abbreviate ‘monetary policy’ by ‘mpol’. If I open TE or Writeroom and type ‘mpol’ on a fresh line, TE expands. If I instead type ‘1 mpol‘ or ‘c mpol’ there is no expansion. Pls check and let me know whether I’m doing something wrong.

Also, TE Touch does not appear to offer the option to ‘keep delimiter’ when expanding using space delimiter (as in if I choose ‘Immediate expansion’ OFF). That would be pretty useful for the Touch too.

Posted by Tatha  on  11/06/2009  at  06:39 AM

Tatha - Thanks for the bug report. We’ve submitted TextExpander touch 1.1.2 to the App Store for review. It includes a fix for this bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. Keep delimiter is on our feature request list. Hopefully, we can address that in a future TextExpander touch update.

Posted by Greg  on  11/06/2009  at  01:35 PM

Hi Greg,

Many thanks for the quick response which is refreshing. Could I ask what, in your experience, has been the typical lead time between such a submission for review and the update being made available by Apple?

Best regards,

Posted by Tatha  on  11/09/2009  at  08:06 AM

Tatha - For us, so far it’s been about two weeks. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the timeframe is similar for 1.1.2.

Posted by Greg  on  11/09/2009  at  05:38 PM

Many thanks for your timely responses. I am a big user of autotext features and this type of app is indispensable to my workflow. Maybe, while I am on the subject, I will add a feature request to the wishlist: you see, on Windows, I use an app called Intellicomplete; in addition to text expansion, it has a v useful ‘prompt’ interface where it pops up a list of possible completions (for entire phrases) as soon as you type the first word or so. The iphone, too, has an App or two which can do this, but these don’t add custom user sentences automatically to its library and they do single words only. Ever think of adding ‘visual cue’ features to Textexpander? Best regards, Tatha

Posted by Tatha  on  11/10/2009  at  04:12 AM

Tatha - We are considering possible forms of live visual feedback for future TextExpander development.

Posted by Greg  on  11/10/2009  at  03:07 PM


That would be great. It would address one major issue—which is that, at present, you have to remember all your shortcuts and type them in exactly. This is OK if you are using a few ‘boilerplates’, dates etc., but difficult if you intend to use an extended shorthand in a technical language (like I do) where you use abbreviations with varying degrees of regularity and forget the less used ones. Especially, if you use similar abbreviations for different words (e.g. acc: for accelerate, accn: for acceleration, accg: for accelerating, etc.) it would be v useful if, as soon as one types “acc”, all possible completions were visually offered as choices – then, one wouldn’t need to remember everything exactly.

It would be a natural extension of this same idea for Textexpander to build up entire phrases/sentences that the user types frequently into a background library and automatically assign the first word or two as the abbreviation for the whole phrase, so that the moment the user has typed those first words, a visual cue for completion of the sentence would pop up.

Just a suggestion.


Posted by Tatha  on  11/20/2009  at  10:02 AM

Still no sign of the 1.1.2 update on the App store….

Posted by Tatha  on  11/25/2009  at  04:01 PM

While beta testing Ulysses Mobile, I noticed that TextExpander touch abbreviations work within it.

Posted by LexM  on  11/28/2009  at  09:19 AM

TextExpander 1.1.2 has finally been approved. App Store link.

Posted by Jean MacDonald  on  12/05/2009  at  12:34 PM

what is apple waiting for, this wonderful app should be compatible with Mail and Safari on the iphone.
I use it all the time on the mac, on the iphone is even more necessary.

Posted by ivan  on  02/23/2011  at  03:39 AM

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