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TextExpander touch SDK Now Available

Posted 08/25/2009 by admin

SmileOnMyMac is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the TextExpander touch Software Development Kit (SDK). This consists of a free TextExpander engine library and sample code demonstrating how third party developers can add TextExpander functionality to their iPhone applications. TextExpander is most useful when it's available for text entry everywhere, as it is on Mac OS X. Given the current restrictions of the iPhone SDK, it's not possible to make TextExpander touch work that way. We've focused on making TextExpander touch work well for composing text, then sending it directly to Mail, Twitter clients, or via copy & paste to any other application. It is possible for other iPhone applications to offer TextExpander functionality. When a TextExpander touch user uses an application which supports the TextExpander engine, their snippets will expand when they enter their abbreviations in that application. We believe this is a win-win for both TextExpander touch and for iPhone application developers. Having additional applications with integrated TextExpander functionality makes TextExpander touch more useful on the iPhone. Applications which support the TextExpander engine make text entry easier for their users. We welcome feedback from developers, and we encourage you to download the TextExpander touch SDK. Please let us know if you're going to use the SDK so that we can keep you apprised of updates.


This is awesome, gonna put this in our iPhone apps ASAP smile

Posted by Jarin Udom  on  08/25/2009  at  07:46 PM

Awesome news. Any developers who implement this in their apps, do send us a note at our PR email address.

Milind Alvares
Smoking Apples

Posted by Milind  on  08/26/2009  at  03:47 AM

I’ve been nudging SimplyTweet’s developer (great guy, btw) to implement this. He seems interested/receptive to the idea. I think any Twitter or any other text-oriented app that implements this will have an immediate edge over the competition.

Posted by Colin  on  09/23/2009  at  11:40 AM

I just integrated Text Expander touch into Tap Forms. Wow, that was easy!

Thanks for a great SDK!


Posted by Brendan Duddridge  on  12/02/2009  at  02:22 AM

I’ve just added TextExpander touch support for iType2Go!

iType2Go Free with TextExpander support has just been approved for sale and shall be available soon in the iTunes App Store.

iType2Go Pro update with TextExpander is now in review and shall be available soon.

Loving the simply great SDK!


iType2Go Pro -
iType2Go Free -

Posted by XCool  on  01/14/2010  at  02:58 PM

I added TextExpander touch support to Raconteur within a single sitting at Dallas NSCoder Night last night—very easy.

Version 1.2 of Raconteur, with TextExpander touch support, has been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available soon.

Raconteur —

Posted by Cameron Desautels  on  03/25/2010  at  02:32 PM

Cameron: Great news. Send me an email at when it’s approved and we will add it to our list at

Posted by Jean  on  03/25/2010  at  03:33 PM

I’ve just added TextExpander touch support to SMS touch, the text messaging app for iPhone OS.

Version 1.2 of SMS touch, with TextExpander touch support, has been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available within a couple of days.

Thanks for this cool SDK!

Alco Blom -

Posted by Alco Blom  on  05/10/2010  at  03:26 AM

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