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Troublesome TextExpander Bugs: How You Can Help

Posted 06/24/2010 by admin

Disappearing Snippets

We've received a number of reports of disappearing snippet libraries from TextExpander users. Data loss is one of the worst kinds of bugs. While we can help users restore their settings file from a backup, that's the best we can do. We want to do better and fix this. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce it. If you experience this problem, you can restore your snippet library by quitting TextExpander and restoring this file from your Time Machine or other backup: [Home]/Library/Application Support/TextExpander/Settings.textexpander Before you re-launch TextExpander, please also send a copy of the restored file to us at This is especially helpful if you find the problem recurs for you. If we gather enough settings files, hopefully we'll find one with which we can reproduce the problem. If we can reproduce it we can almost certainly fix it. In the meantime, we're very sorry for the inconvenience.

Firefox Bug Can Disable TextExpander

TextExpander users who use Firefox sometimes find that TextExpander stops expanding. Quitting and re-launching Firefox restores TextExpander functionality. Let me explain why this is happening and ask for your help. Firefox enables secure event input when it presents password fields. If you submit a form by pressing Return in a password field, Firefox doesn't turn off secure event input. When secure event input is on, key loggers such as TextExpander do not receive notification of keyboard events. You can work around this problem after the fact by closing the window which held the field or by quitting and re-launching Firefox. You can avoid this problem by submitting form fields using the Submit button rather than pressing return in a field. There's a bug open on the issue but its up to the Mozilla folks to adopt the fix and release an updated version of Firefox: You can help by voting up this bug. Click on the "vote" link then register and vote for this bug. Perhaps if its priority increases, it will get noticed and addressed. Thanks! As always, if you have comments or questions about TextExpander, let us know.


I have experienced the loss of snippets multiple times. On my machine it seems to happen when I shutdown my Mac. Luckily I am using dropbox for syncing so I can easily go back to restore my snippets.

Posted by Frank  on  07/19/2010  at  08:07 AM

I put in my vote for the Firefox bug. There are only 11 votes and the bug has been open since May. It’s a real shame because even though I prefer Firefox as my default browser I’m using Chrome so that I can stick with TextExpander. I hope this is resolved sooner than later…

Posted by Daniel  on  07/30/2010  at  10:26 PM

Using dropbox as well here.  Just sat down at my computer and realized that my icon wasn’t black (reverted back to the standard blue) and all my snippets were missing.  Jumped into Dropbox and everything was amazing.  It is odd that they disappeared, I did nothing especially different.

Posted by Braden  on  10/19/2010  at  05:31 AM

I put in my vote.  There are a paltry 28 votes now. We’ve noticed it happening with Chrome, too. Closing chrome or closing the site with the password field will return the functionality to TE.

Posted by Cindy  on  11/19/2010  at  01:22 AM

Chrome: just started to try it (again) as a fast alternative.
Damn, it’s been a long time I typed more than Thomas… I meant t\ - eh, it’s working again without restarting either browser.
I’ve got no idea what helped. I didn’t even close a single tab or anything.
Or, more reasonable: just visiting your forum cured the
Seriously, both 1Password and Textexpander are definite reasons to spoil Chrome… shame, it’s really fast on my old MacBook.
Kinda funny it’s never happened to me with Firefox (or very rarely perhaps).

Posted by Thomas  on  01/26/2011  at  07:05 PM

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