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Using Texter (Windows) with TextExpander touch

Posted 09/01/2009 by admin

Texter is a free text expansion application for Windows developed by the folks at Lifehacker. You can use Texter bundles with TextExpander touch on the iPhone. Here's how: 1. Download and install Texter 0.6a, which has support for exporting bundles in TextExpander format. 2. Launch Texter, select your bundle tab, and choose Export to TextExpander File from the Bundle menu. 3. Log in to your Dropbox account, or get a Dropbox account. You can also upload the .textexpander file to your Web server. In Step 12, use the full URL to the file on your server. 4. On Dropbox, open the Public folder of your My Dropbox folder. 5. Click Upload files: upload_files.png 6. Click Choose files... 7. Select your .textexpander file from step 2 and press Start Upload. 8. When your upload is complete, hover over the uploaded file and click the arrow at the far right: down_arrow.png 9. Choose Copy Public Link and leave that visible. 10. On your iPhone (or iPod touch), launch TextExpander. 11. Choose Groups, press +, and press Add via URL. 12. Enter the URL shown from step #9. Finished! You now have your Texter bundle as a TextExpander group on your iPhone!


OK.  What are bundles, and why would I use them?

Posted by Ron  on  09/02/2009  at  05:33 AM

Bundles are like snippet groups in Texter, a Windows alternative to TextExpander.

Posted by Jean  on  09/02/2009  at  10:45 AM

I really hope this doesn’t mean that I’m going to have to start using Windows now?  grin

Posted by Gary  on  09/02/2009  at  12:32 PM

This works across desktop versions too, right - not just Texter to iPod Touch/iPhone?

Posted by Jono  on  09/06/2009  at  05:03 AM

@Gary: Perish the thought. Would we ever make you do that?

@Jono: Yes, you could also import the resulting .textexpander file into TextExpander on your Mac, with “Add Group from URL…” under the plus (+) menu in the TE pref pane.

Posted by Jean  on  09/06/2009  at  05:33 PM

could i use PhraseExpress with TextExpander ?

Posted by jin  on  09/15/2009  at  07:20 PM

I followed this tutorial but my texter bundle doesn’t show up in my iPhone Text Expander groups after I add the url. Am I missing something?

Posted by Stephen  on  02/11/2010  at  12:37 PM

Contacted @Stephen. He followed the steps again and found they worked properly.

Posted by Greg  on  02/17/2010  at  12:45 PM

Can it go the other way? Can you export from TextExpander (mac desktop version) and import to Texter?

Posted by Seth  on  03/25/2010  at  10:47 AM

Presently, no. I’ll add that to our feature request list. You can import from TextExpander into Breevy, which is a much more full-featured application than Texter.

Posted by Greg  on  03/25/2010  at  12:45 PM

@Jin: Yes, you can:

I found it the best alternative for using TextExpander snippets on Windows.

Posted by Sven  on  09/14/2010  at  11:19 PM

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