DiscLabel 6 Video Tutorial

DiscLabel 6 Video Tutorial

Create, print, & share professional-looking CD and DVD labels and covers!

Video Tutorial

intro Quick Overview (3:50)

A quick tour of what you can do with DiscLabel, from starting with a blank label to using photos, text, clip art, special effects and more.

For more details, see the 5-part series below.

Part One  
Part 1: Installation (2:44)

Downloading and installing DiscLabel and the Clip Art libraries.

Part Two  
Part 2: User Interface (3:36)

Choosing templates; organizing designs.

Part Three  
Part 3: Creating A Design (10:28)

Adding images from iPhoto; creating a photo montage; adding text layouts; using the Random Design generator; importing tracks from iTunes.

Part Four  
Part 4: Editing Designs (7:33)

Adding and formatting text; adding and formatting shapes; adding and formatting images; special effects; using clip art.

Part Five  
Part 5: Media & Printing (3:00)

Printer calibration; selecting your labels or other media; printing your designs.

Thanks to Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline for producing these high-quality informative videos!


People are talking

"With its enhanced interface and added features, this product is, for now, the leader in the Macintosh media labeling software. Using its excellent and downloadable 80-page manual makes it easy to polish your label/insert creation skills beyond the intuitive. If you don’t like manuals, who does, play, the DiscLabel user interface is truly intuitive (e.g., Mac-like.)"

-Harry {doc} Babad, MacCompanion.com, August 2009

Available for Download on the App Store

System Requirements:

DiscLabel 6.x is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 and later.