Thank you for downloading PDFpenPro!

Next step: Install it

Install PDFpenPro
  1. Locate the downloaded disk image (DMG) and double-click to launch.
  2. Drag the PDFpenPro icon to your Applications folder.
  3. Double-click on the app to launch it.

When PDFpenPro first launches you will be asked to register. Click “Demo” to use the free trial.

Time Limit: The demo has no time limit.

Features: The demo will stamp the Smile logo on all saved and printed documents. Once you purchase and register the app, re-save the documents to remove the logo from the document and its subsequent printouts.

The demo allows full access to all the app features except Microsoft® Word export and PDFpenPro’s Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF/A export.

Check out our video tutorial for a great introduction to PDFpen!