Predefined Snippet Groups

Predefined Snippet Groups

TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard!

Predefined Snippet Groups

TextExpander offers a number of predefined snippet groups that you can add to your snippet library.

Choose File > Add Predefined Group... and then choose the group you want to add.

In group settings, set Update to Daily, Weekly or Monthly to automatically get any changes made to the snippet groups.

Accented Words

Words used in English of non-English origin that are spelled with diacritical marks, aka accents. If you type the word without accent marks, TextExpander will replace them with the proper spelling.
Example: creme brulee => crème brûlée.
In cases where the word is ambiguous, you must add an apostrophe to the end, e.g. resume for résumé.

AutoCorrect Snippets

Correct common typos in English, French and German! Example: recieve => receive.

HTML & CSS Snippets

HTML & CSS mark-up for web pages. This group takes advantage of the fill-in snippet format to add multiple variables. (See note below.)

HTML: leading character is a comma
Example: ,img expands to:
<img src="%fill:url%" alt="%fill:image description%" width="%fill:width%" height="%fill:height%" border="%fill:border%" align="%fill:alignment%" />
When you trigger this snippet, TextExpander will prompt you to fill in the attribute specs. You can leave any of the specs blank, if not needed.
Example: ,li expands to:
The cursor is repositioned between the li tags.

CSS: leading character is a semi-colon
Example: ;margin expands to:
margin: %fill:top% %fill:right% %fill:bottom% %fill:left%;
When you trigger this snippets, TextExpander prompts you to fill in the individual margin specs, i.e. top, right, bottom, left
Example: ;bcolor expands to:
border-color: %|;
The cursor is repositioned to add the color definition in the tag.

Special characters: leading character is a period
Example: .euro => &euro;

Note: The HTML & CSS Snippet group was added in February 2011 and requires TextExpander v. 3.x. If you are using TextExpander v. 2.x, you will see two separate groups that do not use fill-in snippets. If you want the old groups, they are available to download:
HTML Snippets
CSS Snippets

Internet Productivity Snippets

AppleScript snippets that can convert a URL copied to the clipboard into a shortened URL from, TinyURL, Can also validate URLs.

Symbol Snippets

Easy way to insert some common symbols.
Example: eeuro expands to €

TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary

This exhaustive list of 2400+ misspellings comes courtesy of TidBITS, the newsletter and Web site for Mac users. For TextExpander users who want industrial-strength error correcting.


System Requirements:

TextExpander 5.x requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later.

For OS X 10.9, 10.8, or 10.7 please download TextExpander 4.3.6. For OS X 10.6, please download TextExpander 3.4.2. For OS X 10.4 and 10.5, please download TextExpander 2.8.1.