Type more with less effort! TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures.

Build an email signature library

Always insert the perfect email signature from your personal snippet collection whenever you write to friends, family, or business associates. Illustrate your signature snippets with photos or logos!

Make new snippets and keep the old

Let TextExpander do the heavy lifting in making new snippets. Once you type something enough times, bam! New snippet suggested. In case you forget a snippet, TextExpander will remind you as you type.

Achieve form-filling bliss

Breeze through forms: put your address, email, phone and fax numbers in your snippet library and call them up with a handful of keystrokes.

Stash TextExpander snippets in your typing bag of tricks

From a single line signature to paragraphs of boilerplate, just drop them into your snippet collection and have them at your fingertips. Literally.

Automatically fix the typos you make the most

Turn the typos that trip you up into snippet triggers and watch TextExpander magically unfumble your fingers. TextExpander also includes the TidBITs AutoCorrect Dictionary containing more than two thousand common typos.

“The single best productivity tool for the Mac, right after Quicksilver.”Leo Laporte, host of MacBreak

  • Abbreviate Everything You Type
    • Type custom abbreviations that expand to longer “snippets” of text and images
    • Insert standard greetings, text, and signatures, including formatted text and pictures
    • Correct typos automatically (Add them to your snippet library and/or use one of the included AutoCorrect snippet groups for English, French or German)
    • Suggests snippets from phrases you habitually type

  • Use custom and built-in snippets
    • Create the perfect email signature for every occasion
    • Insert the current date and time in any format you prefer
    • With date/time math insert a future date, or past time. Add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds from current date and time.
    • HTML, CSS, AutoCorrect, Accented Words, Symbols, Emoji snippet groups included
    • Internet Productivity snippet group (shorten long URLs automatically)

  • Easily Use and Find Snippets
    • Search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type
    • Search snippets from menu bar or via keyboard shortcut
    • Reminds you of missed opportunities to use your abbreviations
    • Add snippet groups from external files and online sources

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks to Scripts
    • Use fill-in-the-blank snippets to create custom forms with multiple field types and sections
    • Position the cursor wherever you want in your expanded snippet
    • Automatically insert clipboard content in a snippet
    • For programmers, make editor-independent code templates; invoke JavaScript, AppleScript and shell scripts

  • Sync with Dropbox, iCloud Drive
    • Sync via Dropbox, iCloud Drive, or any sync folder
    • Organize snippets into groups
    • Print snippets by group

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