Smileworthy: Get 8 Great Apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Save on these apps for Black Friday: CleanMyMac X | PerfectIt | MarsEdit | ProWritingAid | WALTR 2 | All-Star Mac Kit 2018 | Tower| iMazing

CleanMyMac X — Save 30%

$27.95/year $39.95 OR $62.95 $89.95 (Single Purchase)

CleanMyMac X is the app that does all the essential housekeeping on a Mac: deletes junk and malware, and makes your computer faster and more organized. You can use CleanMyMac X to manage storage, apps, and monitor the health of your Mac.

Valid November 23, 2018

PerfectIt — Save 20%

$56.00/year $70.00

PerfectIt helps you proofread your documents. Trusted by thousands of professional editors, PerfectIt finds difficult-to-locate errors, improves your text, and saves time. It checks consistency, capitalization, abbreviations, and other issues that grammar and spell check won’t find.

MarsEdit — Save 20%

$39.96 $49.95

MarsEdit 4 streamlines editing blogs on your Mac. Write posts in a familiar word-processor style editor, attach photos, and send directly to your WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr blog.

ProWritingAid — Save 50%

$87.50 $175.00 Premium Lifetime Subscription

ProWritingAid helps make your writing error-free, clear and concise. It’s a grammar guru, style editor and writing mentor in one package. With add-ins for Word, Outlook, GoogleDocs, Chrome and Scrivener, you can polish your words wherever you write.

WALTR 2 — Save 50%

$19.95 $40.00

If you want to move a file from your Mac to your iPhone, you’d usually need iTunes. WALTR 2 lets you skip iTunes, converters and wires altogether. Instead, drag and drop music, videos, ringtones, PDFs and ePubs straight from Mac to iPhone and iPad.

All-Star Mac Kit 2018 — Save 81%

$39.95 $215.00

For a limited time, get 81% off six high-end Mac apps, brought to you by a group of indie developers. This special Black Friday bundle includes DaisyDisk, WALTR 2, Photolemur and more!

Tower — Save 50%

$34.50 $69.00

Save 50% on Tower, which helps you build better software by giving you access to the full power of Git. Over 100,000 developers and designers in companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are using Tower to be more productive, prevent mistakes and deliver better software.

iMazing — Save 50%

$22.50 $44.99Single user

iMazing is the all-in-one iOS device manager for Mac and PC. Got a new iPhone or iPad? iMazing allows you to transfer all your data to your shiny new device easily, set-up automatic backups, manage your apps, add ringtones and more.

Black Friday: 10pm CET Thursday – 9am CET Saturday
Cyber Monday: 10pm CET Sunday – 9am CET Tuesday

Each month, we share software and hardware we feel is Smileworthy. What makes it Smileworthy? It’s a high quality product with a fan on our team. For Black Friday through Cyber Monday we want to share some of our favorites with you. Enjoy!