4 Day Deal: TextExpander touch 60% Off

60% off

TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard
60% off
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Ends Sunday, December 6th

This weekend the Smile team is offering up TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard, the app that helps you type faster on iPad and iPhone.

This makes a great gift for any friends, family, or work buddies who could use a little boost in mobile typing.

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Type more with less effort on your iPhone and iPad.

Use the TextExpander app, and the TextExpander keyboard, to type just a couple characters and watch them expand into whole chunks of text. That means less time spent typing on little keyboards. Create your own text “snippets” or use some of the built in snippet libraries.

  • Type faster on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch using short abbreviations that expand into long snippets of text.
  • Compose notes quickly and easily that contain frequently-used text like addresses, phone numbers, email signatures, URLs, etc.
  • Automatically insert your notes into Mail, SMS and Twitter clients, or copy-and-paste messages into other apps on your iOS device.
  • Create “fill-in-the-blank” snippets including text fields and multiple choice popups to quickly customize a snippet upon expansion.
  • Use your snippets directly in many TextExpander-enhanced iOS apps
  • Sync your snippets with your Mac using Dropbox or iCloud Drive.