Check Out Statistics on, Plus Advanced Stats for Teams

Whether a business imperative, casual interest, or fun, dive into your TextExpander usage statistics on

These colorful charts and tables are visible to all users, online, regardless of whether you mainly use a Windows PC or a Mac.

View your:
– Top snippets
– Top groups
– Top expansions

stats chart

Love data? Export it all in CSV to slice and dice however you want.

We’ve also updated the menu for faster navigation.

Find your personal statistics

  1. Sign in to
  2. Choose your account name in the upper right
  3. Under My Account select Personal Statistics

TextExpander for Teams

If you’re an Admin of your TextExpander Organization, we’ve enhanced your statistics. We’ve broken out your Users and your Snippets into their own tabs.

  • Sort all your Users, including inactives, by last activity, time saved and number of snippets used
  • Sort your Snippets by top expansions, abbreviation or snippet group location

Find the Organization Statistics:

  1. From choose your account name in the upper right
  2. Under your organization’s name select Statistics

What’s New in TextExpander:

  • Adds user statistics to
  • Enhances Organization statistics:
    • Adds view of all users
    • Updates view of active snippets
    • Adds CSV export
    • Adds sorting
  • Updates menu for faster navigation