Important Changes in TextExpander touch for iOS

TextExpander touch 2.3 has been released. This update changes the way that snippets are shared between TextExpander touch and third-party apps with TextExpander support. Here is the email we sent to users explaining the change and its impact:

Dear TextExpander touch User:

After recent discussions with the App Review Team from Apple, they informed us that TextExpander’s use of Reminders for shared snippet storage will no longer be acceptable. We will need to significantly revise TextExpander touch, and to do so immediately. We have come up with an alternative to using Reminders, which will require you to take action to update your snippets and keep them updated. This will have to be done via apps you use with TextExpander integration. There will probably be a “Get Snippet Data” button in the app’s settings, but that depends on how the developer chooses to handle this. Reminders are no longer used for shared snippet storage in the latest update, TextExpander touch 2.3, which has been approved by the App Store and will be released shortly. Version 2.3 includes the new mechanism for apps with TextExpander support to update your snippets. We have also provided an updated TextExpander touch SDK to third party developers so that they can revise their apps. As developers ourselves, we know this sort of unexpected and unscheduled change is difficult to accommodate even under normal circumstances. At this time of year, with impending holidays and year-end obligations, it’s even more difficult. You might want to let the developers of your favorite apps know that you would like to see updated TextExpander support, but please be patient with them as they work out how to fit that into their development schedules. The apps list ( has been reset. We will add apps to the list as they update their support for TextExpander touch. In the interim, apps which have not updated to our new SDK will be accessing stale snippet data from Reminders. On the bright side, you’ll still be able to use TextExpander in those apps. On the downside, you won’t be able to access new or updated snippets until those apps are revised. We know how much you depend on TextExpander touch.  We are doing our very best, as always, to provide a workable solution that meets the needs of users, developers and Apple. Thank you very much for your support.

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