Save $200+ On Apps with Productivity Gold by SaneBox

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Productivity Gold

We’ve joined SaneBox in Productivity Gold, a bushel of apps all discounted through the end of January, each made to help you get a jump on the new year. Update a workflow, shake up your process, see which series of steps in your day you can eliminate with the right tool.

Buy Some Apps!

Count out the hours you spend on some of your tasks, in comparison, these tools are going to save you the time and effort.

For example, with SaneBox you don’t waste time and attention wading through a cluttered inbox. Their system learns what’s important and what’s not, so instead of scrolling through newsletters to find that important email, it’s right up front.

With 1Password, you may not even realize how hard you’re working to manage all the passwords you have for your various services. Or how unsafe it is to use the same password for all of them. 1Password is secure, it will fill in your passwords so you don’t have to type out 5[,09sner%jjn on your computer or phone, and can also store sensitive documents, app registration, even credit card details which can then autofill as you check out of an online store. Save yourself the effort, keep all your sensitive stuff in one place.

With TextExpander, you can keep the messages you send out in emails in one spot, TextExpander, ready to be reused, so responding to an email takes a few seconds instead of minutes-plus-spellchecks as you retype the same thing again. After all, it takes way less time to type out “inq.response” and have that turn into your full response, than have to type this out by hand:

“Hey there!

Glad you’re interested in learning more about my services. I’d be happy to speak with you. To get the ball rolling, here are some of my previous projects http://…

Let’s set up a time to talk, is … good for you?”

These are just a few of the apps you can get in this year’s Productivity Gold round up.