TextExpander 5, featuring snippet suggestions

We’re excited to present TextExpander 5, featuring snippet suggestions.

TextExpander 5 suggests new snippets based on what you type the most, and reminds you when you miss a chance to use a snippet. That’s time saved.

Sync with iCloud Drive, any Dropbox folder, or any syncing folder. (Details below.) Get improved search and JavaScript snippets among a host of other new features.

US $19.95 to upgrade from your current version. 

Free upgrades are available via the TextExpander 5 application to those who purchased version 4 on or after January 1, 2015.

Upgrade by downloading TextExpander 5. Launch it, and it will tell you if your upgrade is free or paid. If it’s paid, click “Buy an upgrade license.”

TextExpander 5 requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.

What’s New in Version 5:

  • Suggests snippets from phrases you habitually type
  • Reminds you of missed opportunities to use your abbreviations
  • Customize snippet file location
  • Sync via iCloud Drive or any sync folder
  • Simplified expansion of lengthy fill-ins and scripts
  • Search and expand snippets, abbreviations, and suggestions inline as you type
  • Preview expanded snippet
  • Refreshed statistics display
  • Supports JavaScript snippets that also operate on iOS
  • Updated for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite (required)


Setup New Sync:

Sync with any syncing folder.

  1. Open TextExpander to Preferences > Sync.
  2. Click Save Snippets As…
  3. Choose a location on your hard drive to store your snippets. If you choose a syncing folder, then your snippets will sync.

Update your other devices:

  1. On your second Mac open TextExpander to Preferences > Sync. On an iOS device open TextExpander’s Settings to Sync Snippets.
  2. Click on Link To Snippets… 
  3. Locate your Settings.textexpandersettings file and select it. 

If you have an older version of TextExpander for Mac (4 or earlier) or TextExpander touch (3.2.4 or earlier), then you need to keep using the Older Version Dropbox sync by clicking Sync with TextExpander 4…

Setup Inline Search:

Can’t remember snippets? Use search. It’s more convenient to use than before.

  1. Open TextExpander to Preferences > Hotkey.
  2. Click the Click to Set Hotkey button next to Inline Search.
  3. Press your preferred hotkey combo. (Note: hotkey combinations must include Command, Option, Control and/or Shift plus any character or number key.)

Use the Inline Search :  

  1. Type your hotkey. The TextExpander search window will appear near your cursor.
  2. Type any part of your snippet, abbreviation, content, or label. Scroll through the results and click the one you want, or press Command + # for the option you want.