TextExpander Release Follow-up

Thank you to all of our customers who have offered feedback on the new TextExpander, and thank you again for your long-term support. In our enthusiasm to release, we missed some details we’d like to address here.

Upgrade Pricing

Discounted upgrade pricing is available to customers of any past version of TextExpander. The details are found here. To take advantage of upgrade pricing, sign in to TextExpander.com, click your avatar at the upper right, choose My Account > Billing, and enter any prior serial number or license code. If you have any trouble, please contact support and we’ll help get it sorted.

TextExpander 5 Support

For those who prefer to stay with TextExpander 5 for now, we intend to support it on El Capitan and the next major upgrade of OS X (…Humboldt? 😀). Beyond that, neither we nor anyone else know what to expect of Apple or OS X. We also hope to encourage you to join the new TextExpander at some point in the future.

Group Sharing

Group sharing in the new TextExpander is quite different than syncing via Dropbox or iCloud. Sharing, as it stands, couldn’t work using either sync service.

With TextExpander sharing, all of your groups are personal and private by default. They’re available only to you on all of your devices. You can also share groups with others on a per-group basis. To share, all you need is the other user’s email address. Edits you make to snippets in shared groups are immediately there for those with whom you’re sharing.

Everyone can benefit from sharing. People who work alone have peers, or belong to civic, volunteer, hobbyist, or church groups. Before now, none of them could share snippets with each other. Now, they can. And we’re doing our best to ensure they will.

The Future

Our immediate plans include public groups and a means to publish, discover, and subscribe to such groups. We expect to offer integrations so that you can add groups or snippets based on external events so that you can provoke external events based on actions. We have much more to come, and we’ll be sharing that with you soon.

In Closing…

We went big evolving the new TextExpander to do something it couldn’t before. Our past approach of pursuing mostly incremental improvements via major upgrades on a 12-24 month schedule was not healthy for the ongoing future of TextExpander.

The new TextExpander is a big first step in our plans for a strong, robust TextExpander aimed squarely at the future and capable of doing amazing and wonderful things.

We thank you again for your support.

Greg Scown, Smile Founder, TextExpander Team Member