TextExpander: HTML and Shell Script Tips from Macworld

A few interesting tips were published on Macworld.com today, in a piece titled “Creative text expanding“. Derik DeLong shared some ways he uses TextExpander to easily insert HTML tags using the clipboard. He also gives a few examples of using shell script snippets in the Terminal to execute Unix commands. I am certainly the least… Read More »

Latex math and Greek symbols

Carlo Beenakker has developed a TextExpander snippet group with Latex math and Greek symbols which he uses when discussing math and physics in email or chat. Some examples from this group: \alpha α Greek letter alpha \infty ∞ Infinity symbol \int ∫ Integral symbol \sqrt √ Square root symbol You can download the Latex math… Read More »

TextExpander 2.6 and Spanish Accents

We’ve just added support to TextExpander 2.6 to specify on a per-group basis when abbreviations will expand. The choices are to expand after: Whitespace (the default / classic behavior) All characters except letters & numbers (punctuation, etc.) Any character TextExpander user Miguel Brunell from Mexico helped develop an excellent use of the new “any character”… Read More »

SmileOnMyMac Partners Interviewed on MacVoices

Everything you always wanted to know about SmileOnMyMac … Chuck Joiner is not afraid to ask! Philip, Greg and I were guests on MacVoices. We talked about how the company got started, how our products have evolved, and where we might be going in the future. Greg let it be known that we are unlikely… Read More »

TextExpander on MacMerc.TV

Rick Yaeger of MacMerc.TV has just released a great introduction to TextExpander. Rick covers basic text snippets, autocorrection, URL shortening and more in just five minutes. It’s very entertaining, too! I highly recommend you have a look. If you have more than five minutes, we also have the TextExpander screencast, produced by Don McAllister of… Read More »