PDFpen from Coast to Coast

Sean and Andy at the Apple Store in NYC: Going to the Apple Store to pick up one of those cute color iPod Shuffles? Look for PDFpen on the shelves, and take a photo we can post. Send them to jean@smileonmymac.com.

PDFpen Retail Box Sightings (Cont'd)

And here’s Greg in Corte Madera: Watch this space. There will definitely be sightings at Macworld–PDFpen will be one of the goodies in the Macworld Speaker’s Gift Bags! And Dr. Bott will be selling the box at their booth. (S1912)

More PDFpen Retail Box Sightings

Send your PDFpen retail photos to jean@smileonmymac.com — if we post yours, you’ll get the SmileOnMyMac product of your choice with our compliments.

Happy Holidays from MacSanta

Here’s a tip to help you find those last-minute gifts or get a great deal on software you’ve been thinking about buying. MacSanta is a joint effort of a bunch of Mac developers (including SmileOnMyMac, of course). All the participants (89, last I checked!) are offering a 20% discount on their products.