SmileOnMyMac at Metromac and LIMac

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MetroMac in the city and LIMac on Long Island. It was a great chance to meet current customers and hopefully win over new ones. (And I got to pretend to be Britney Spears with the headset microphone.) With Chris Bastian, MetroMac president, at the Apple Store in Soho LIMac demo: “Better Living Through Software” With George Canellis, LIMac board member …

Interview with

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Philip Goward is interviewed on, a European podcast, available in French, German, Spanish and English. (This interview is in English.) Philip talks about the new TextExpander 2.0, the newly-announced SDK for third-party developers on the iPhone, and more. You can download the podcast from, or listen to it in iTunes via this link. Amusez-vous bien!

Contest: Win the New iPod nano

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How Does Your Mac Make You Smile? Your answer to this question could win you the new, shiny, irrestible, adorable iPod nano! Today we announced this contest. All the details and entry form can be found at the contest page on our site. We’ll be giving away up to five nanos! The more entries we get, the more prizes we’ll …

TextExpander: Little Things Add Up

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Greg and Philip, SmileOnMyMac’s co-founders and software developers. After reading Send: The Essential Guide to Email, I decided to more consistently open the emails with “Hi Greg,” “Hi Philip,” and sometimes, “Hi Greg and Philip,” to be a bit less cold. A lot of us have a mental block against setting up TextExpander snippets for really short things like these …

Houston MacFest and Apple Store

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MacFest and SmileOnMyMac was one of the sponsors. I went down to demo our products at the MacFest and had a GREAT time. My first visit to Texas! Lesa King, co-host of Your Mac Life and my pal, was one of the speakers, along with Andy Ihnatko, Bob LeVitus and Chris Breen. I learned a lot from listening in on …