Smileworthy: SuperDuper!

Given yesterday’s release of OS X 10.9.2, this is a good time to tip our hat to SuperDuper! from Shirt Pocket. SuperDuper! reliably creates bootable backups and offers thorough scripting and automation options. Before I upgrade to a new version of OS X, I clone my startup disk using SuperDuper! Yesterday, I cloned from one… Read More »

PDFpenPro Wishes Mac Happy 30th Birthday

We are incredibly honored that PDFpenPro is included among the Amazing Apps celebrating Mac’s 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mac, from Smile and PDFpenPro!

SmileWorthy: CloudPull

We like to use Google Documents for online, real-time collaboration. We use it to take notes when we have meetings. We use it to edit product bullets. We use it to create spreadsheets when doing product planning. Generally, we’re thrilled with Google Documents, but we use it for enough important stuff that we worry about… Read More »

Using TextExpander to Get Your Location

We’ve received several requests lately to add a macro for location in GPS coordinates to TextExpander. We’re not sure we want to do that, as it could reuslt in a request to access your location data appearing in an unexpected context, perhaps as a result of an unintended snippet expansion (read: typo). We’re not able to… Read More »

Important Changes in TextExpander touch for iOS

TextExpander touch 2.3 has been released. This update changes the way that snippets are shared between TextExpander touch and third-party apps with TextExpander support. Here is the email we sent to users explaining the change and its impact: Dear TextExpander touch User: After recent discussions with the App Review Team from Apple, they informed us that TextExpander’s… Read More »