Friends of Smile: Busy Lately

Friends of Smile have shipped some wonderful things lately. We thought it would be great to take a moment to acknowledge them. 1Password 6 and 1Password for Teams Our friends from Canada, AgileBits, have been particularly busy, shipping 1Password 6.2 for iOS, 1Password 6 for OS X, and introducing 1Password for Teams, currently in beta.… Read More »

Expanding Snippets Based on the Before and After

If you’ve used TextExpander, then you may have experienced a snippet not expanding when you expected it to. Say, right after a parenthesis. Or, you may have seen snippets expand in places you hadn’t anticipated. Say, in the middle of a word. This is due to the character you typed just before, or just after,… Read More »

4 Day Deal: TextExpander touch 60% Off

TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard 60% off Only on the App Store Ends Sunday, December 6th This weekend the Smile team is offering up TextExpander 3 + custom keyboard, the app that helps you type faster on iPad and iPhone. This makes a great gift for any friends, family, or work buddies who could use… Read More »

My Favorite Lesser-known PDFpen Features

PDFpen is the Swiss Army knife for PDFs. Some of these knives have so many functions, it’s easy to forget you’ve already got what you need in your pocket. PDFpen is like that. Our feature list is already so long that we leave off some really great things. Here are some of my favorites. Crop… Read More »

TextExpander and the AMA Project

Twitter AMA Yesterday we had our first ever Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything). Our awesome TextExpander users got right down to the metal (the engineers) to ask some tough questions, such as “Why are you so great?” and “Where can I buy more TextExpander?” Kidding, those were not questions asked. “When is your birthday?” is… Read More »