PageSender 4.0: Listen to Your Customers

five years in business shipping PageSender, that lesson is: listen to your customers. You folks are great. You use the product, buy the product, tell your friends about it, and you tell us what you need. We shipped PageSender 4.0 this Tuesday, and it seems to have gone over well. You’ve asked for spam filtering… Read More »

DiscLabel 4.2 features

Effects feature. All it needs is an image selected and the effects button pressed: You can start with an single photo of your loved one and really transform them like the following… Individual effects can be combined easily, and the effects reordered. So if you are searching for that perfect background image for a CD,… Read More »

TextExpander HTML Snippet File Updated

using the arrow keys, and then it will be as if the .com is coming at the beginning of a word. I was planning to issue an update next week, but here it is Saturday morning. I’m doing my usual Saturday morning thing: working out at the gym while listening to podcasts. I’m catching MacBreak… Read More »

PDFpen comes to Long Island

That’s right, folks! You don’t have to shlep on the L.I.E. all the way to Manhattan to get your favorite PDF editing tool for the Mac. From our intrepid correspondent, George Canellis: Newsflash! The retail box of PDFpen has been spotted in the Walt Whitman Apple Store in Huntington Station, New York! Here’s your product… Read More »

PageSender is 5 years old!

(That’s like 50 in shareware years!) PageSender was launched 5 years ago today. The “fax software that really works” was released by Smile Software (the “smile” in SmileOnMyMac) at a time before fax capability was built into Mac OS X. Though faxing was later added in OS X 10.3 (Panther), PageSender’s full feature set, stability… Read More »