PDFpen & PDFpenPro version 8

Available now, upgrade to PDFpen 8 to export PDFs to Microsoft® Word (.docx) format while offline, play and record audio annotations and much more. Upgrade for $30 by downloading the new version and following the onscreen directions, full details below. Upgrade Upgrade pricing is not available on the Mac App Store. Version 8 will be… Read More »

TextExpander: Like Two Extra People

TextExpander saved our bacon during release week. During release week, we expanded at least 8,189 snippets and 908,810 characters. At 60 words per minute and 5 characters per word, that’s a savings of over 50 hours! Our support folks all work part time, so that’s like having two additional people during crunch time. It’s been… Read More »

Brand Correction by TextExpander

Pop quiz: FaceBook or Facebook? Cafepress or CafePress? EverNote or Evernote? Rackspace or RackSpace Answer: TextExpander I can never remember which brands are CamelCase and which aren’t, and with TextExpander I don’t have to. Better yet, I’ve shared my group with other brand-challenged folks I know so that we can all improve the list together.… Read More »

TextExpander Adjustments

Our changes to TextExpander last week caused concern among our customers, and many shared their passion for the product with us. We are equally passionate about TextExpander and have made these changes so that we can expand the customer base and continue to enhance the product for all users. To some of you it may… Read More »

TextExpander Release Follow-up

Thank you to all of our customers who have offered feedback on the new TextExpander, and thank you again for your long-term support. In our enthusiasm to release, we missed some details we’d like to address here. Upgrade Pricing Discounted upgrade pricing is available to customers of any past version of TextExpander. The details are… Read More »