TextExpander Adds JavaScript Support

TextExpander 5 and TextExpander touch 3.5 now include support for standard JavaScript snippets, and TextExpander 5 also includes support for JavaScript for Automation on OS X. As a basic example, a scientist with a frequent need for an approximation of Pi to eight digits of precision could set up a JavaScript snippet with abbreviation zpi… Read More »

TextExpander 5, featuring snippet suggestions

We’re excited to present TextExpander 5, featuring snippet suggestions. TextExpander 5 suggests new snippets based on what you type the most, and reminds you when you miss a chance to use a snippet. That’s time saved. Sync with iCloud Drive, any Dropbox folder, or any syncing folder. (Details below.) Get improved search and JavaScript snippets among… Read More »

TextExpander touch 3.5: Sync with iCloud Drive, JavaScript snippets

TextExpander touch 3.5 is now available. Sync and store your snippets using any folder on Dropbox or iCloud Drive. We’ll tell you how to set that up below. Now you can search your snippets and abbreviations. To update look in the Purchases tab of the App Store, tap Updates, then tap Update next to TextExpander… Read More »

TextExpander touch 3.5 Adds Create, Expand x-callback-url Support

Primarily of interest to other iOS app developers, in TextExpander touch 3.5 we’ve added create and expand commands to our x-callback-url support to allow other applications to work with TextExpander touch as part of a workflow. Both of the new commands use the existing tetouch-xc URL callback scheme and standard x-callback-url conventions. To learn more… Read More »

Smile at NCMUG

Last week Smile got the chance to meet up with one of our favorite, and local, user groups, North Coast Mac User Group (NCMUG), located in California wine country. We showed them how to be PDFpen power users, and showed off a few exciting sneak peaks of things to come. Our history with NCMUG goes back to… Read More »