PDFpen Tip of the Day: Save your Signature to the PDFpen Library

PDFpen for Mac and PDFpen for iPad & iPhone make it easy to sign a document, either by scanning in a hand written signature, or using the scribble tool to write out a signature. But did you know you can keep that signature close at hand for fast reuse? Add it to your PDFpen Library… Read More »

12 Great Ways To Choose TextExpander Abbreviations

When you start your TextExpander snippet collection, step 1 is what to make into a snippet. Version 5 will give you some suggestions on that. Step 2 is what to name it, in other words how to pick the abbreviation to match the content from step 1. We usually recommend something memorable and hard to… Read More »

Use Regular Expressions in TextExpander via JavaScript

Use regular expressions on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone with TextExpander JavaScript snippets. This is specifically for TextExpander 5 and TextExpander touch 3.5 and later. Regular Expressions can be incredibly useful when searching and replacing patterns in text. Blogger and podcaster Jason Snell writes that regular expressions saved him “hundreds of hours of drudgery”. Let’s… Read More »

El Capitan (OS X 10.11) is Coming

As the new fall operating system approaches, we are getting our apps ready. So far we’ve found El Capitan to be very stable, and we don’t anticipate any impediments to being ready for the OS X release. Here is the current state of our apps. PDFpen / PDFpenPro Known Issue: Incorrect colors in the watermark… Read More »

Fun with TextExpander and Scripting

TextExpander 5 adds support for JavaScript snippets, which can be run on all of your devices – Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Here is a sample script which rounds the current date to the nearest 5 minute interval: // Rounded date // // Rounds up or down to the most recent 5 minute interval // For… Read More »