The Really Big Apple

Bob Dylan exhibit at the Morgan, Steve Reich at Carnegie Hall), and a moment of pure geek tourism: visiting the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. The Apple logo was red in honor of the Project (RED) iPod. The entrance is very groovy, with the whole underground thing. You can take a cylindrical glass elevator car… Read More »

PDFpen Tip: Math Margin Notes

For a long time I’ve wanted to be able to add math margin notes to a PDF. With OS X’s PDF-based display, this seemed like it should be possible, but Acrobat doesn’t do it. It cannot accept PDFs that are drag/dropped or pasted. I was even considering writing some tool to do it, but I… Read More »

TextExpander Tip: Roll Your Own Site Search

Another tip from Tim in Ohio, who contributed Organize your abbreviations by context: Ever find a website that doesn’t have a search function? For me that site is Palm Addicts. Problem is that I can never remember the URL, and even if I could, that’s a lotta typing. Google will let you restrict their results… Read More »

TextExpander tip: Auto-Correct Your Typos

“i” before “e” except after “c” — if you have trouble remembering this rule, you might be interested in the free autocorrection snippet file [note: this is now found using Add Predefined Group -> AutoCorrect Snippets under the + menu in TextExpander] we released today. It contains over 100 common typos and misspelled words. The misspellings… Read More »