Smile at NCMUG

Last week Smile got the chance to meet up with one of our favorite, and local, user groups, North Coast Mac User Group (NCMUG), located in California wine country. We showed them how to be PDFpen power users, and showed off a few exciting sneak peaks of things to come. Our history with NCMUG goes back to… Read More »

Smileworthy: Podcasts

We love podcasts (mostly while commuting, or cooking dinner, or eating breakfast. Maybe while exercising? When do you consume podcasts, we wanna know?) Such an entertaining, informative, and helpful part of the Mac community, we seek out new podcasts to listen to all the time. Sometimes we like them so much we sponsor them, as… Read More »

Smile Goes to Yosemite (The Conference)

(Or, Way Too Many Smileworthy Things In One Blog Post) Last week Smile was proud to sponsor Yosemite by CocoaConf. Not just an excuse for us to make our own Yosemite desktop art, this intimate get-together featured speakers from the world of development and design, relating valuable learned life experiences. (Need help dealing with burnout?… Read More »

2 Day Deal: PDFpen for iPad & iPhone 40% Off

PDFpen for iPad & iPhone 2 Day Deal40% off Thursday & FridayOnly on the App Store Buy PDFpen 2, your PDF editor for iPad and iPhone, on the App Store for $11.99, Thursday April 16th and Friday April 17th. With PDFpen 2, edit your PDFs anywhere you are! Sign contracts, scribble notes and highlights, make… Read More »