Fixed A Troublesome TextExpander Bug

our post about disappearing snippets, we have identified at least one issue and have fixed it in TextExpander 3.1.1. We’ve seeded this fix to several customers and have received positive feedback that it fixed the problem for them. Please download and install the TextExpander 3.1.1 update. If you do experience a snippet loss, please let… Read More »

Troublesome TextExpander Bugs: How You Can Help

Disappearing Snippets We’ve received a number of reports of disappearing snippet libraries from TextExpander users. Data loss is one of the worst kinds of bugs. While we can help users restore their settings file from a backup, that’s the best we can do. We want to do better and fix this. Unfortunately, we can’t reproduce… Read More »

MacMania 10: Geek Tourism 101

A home away from home for Mac geeks. Don’t worry, Philip and Greg. I am not moving to Bermuda and getting a job at the iStore. :-) The iPad is not officially for sale in Bermuda yet, so these demo models have been played with a lot. Here are a couple Danish guys I met while… Read More »

MacMania 10: We're On A Boat

I’m lucky again have the chance to join the MacMania cruise. With over 100 Mac geeks taking part in a full schedule of conference sessions, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn more about using our favorite computer, share tips, make new friends and catch up with old ones. It’s also nice to hang out with… Read More »

PDFpen Tip: Filling Out Non-Interactive Forms

My problem with double-clicking the Text tool is that I usually need the Select tool to fine-tune alignment after I enter text. So what I do is create one text box, fill it with some sample text, get the font settings I want and then copy that text box to the clipboard. Then I just… Read More »