MacMania: Jean's Excellent Mac Adventure

MacMania 8 cruise. I am supposed to have some access to the internet on the trip so I’m planning to post stories and photos right here. I’ll be on Twitter as well. I’ll be putting my new MacBook Pro through its paces, and will have my Sony MiniDV and Canon PowerShot cameras with me. If… Read More »

Snipr / Snurl / Snipurl

David Chartier, Assistant Editor at Ars Technica, requested support for I was surprised to find that Snipr, Snurl, and Snipurl are all the same service. They will require registration as of December 31, 2008. Given that, I wrote a snippet which supports using these services as a registered user. Here’s what to do to… Read More »

Get With TextExpander and TinyURL. A few weeks ago on Twitter, TJ asked if we couldn’t do one for the shortening service I thought I would use TJ’s challenge as a personal one to push the limits of my limited geekiness and figure it out myself. I got as far as looking at the API, and… Read More »

Save Time Typing with TextExpander

(and I’ve probably reset this a few times when testing) How about you? How much time have you saved with TextExpander?

Use TextExpander As An Application Launcher

AppleMatters. He wrote an extensive post on how you can use TextExpander to launch applications and control them. The snippets are really simple and they really work. With a short TextExpander abbreviation, you can open or quit a program, navigate to a website, close all Finder windows, and more. While operations like Open or Quit… Read More »