My Widget

If you live in Portland, and are dying for some inexpensive tasteful Swedish home furnishings, this is your widget. IKEA is finally opening here July 25; no more 3 hour drive to Seattle just to get some bookshelves. Download the widget from my personal site. This was way easier than I thought it would be.… Read More »

TextExpander: How Much Time Have We Saved?

posted some interesting personal information today: a screenshot how much time she has saved by using TextExpander. So far she’s saved 1.54 hours. For her, that’s worth at least the price of $29.95. By total coincidence, Philip, Greg and I were talking about that yesterday, as we were discussing features for TextExpander 2 (more on… Read More »

PageSender 4.0: Listen to Your Customers

five years in business shipping PageSender, that lesson is: listen to your customers. You folks are great. You use the product, buy the product, tell your friends about it, and you tell us what you need. We shipped PageSender 4.0 this Tuesday, and it seems to have gone over well. You’ve asked for spam filtering… Read More »

DiscLabel 4.2 features

Effects feature. All it needs is an image selected and the effects button pressed: You can start with an single photo of your loved one and really transform them like the following… Individual effects can be combined easily, and the effects reordered. So if you are searching for that perfect background image for a CD,… Read More »