Check Out Statistics on, Plus Advanced Stats for Teams

Whether a business imperative, casual interest, or fun, dive into your TextExpander usage statistics on These colorful charts and tables are visible to all users, online, regardless of whether you mainly use a Windows PC or a Mac. View your:– Top snippets– Top groups– Top expansions Love data? Export it all in CSV to… Read More »

TextExpander Gets Better: Percent signs, colons, and macros oh my!

Here’s a case where bringing visual macro editing to TextExpander allowed us to make TextExpander better than before. If you’re a TextExpander macro veteran, you know that the syntax for creating macros treats the percent sign (%) and the colon (:) as special characters. If you’re not a macro veteran, stick with me through the… Read More »

TextExpander Gets Better: Dates in Fill-ins, Cumulative Date Math

TextExpander’s new visual snippet editor allows date and time macros within fill-ins, and date math is now cumulative. Let’s explore. Date and Time Macros in Fill-ins You can set up a popup fill-in with date macros in the options. Select the date macros from the menu just above the options to the right. Here’s an… Read More »

TextExpander for macOS 6.5 beta

UPDATE (6-Feb-2019): We’ve decided to adopt 6.5 as the version number to better reflect the degree of change in this release. 6.5b18 is our fourth and likely final public beta. Today, we’re excited to release our first beta of TextExpander for macOS 6.3 with a new and improved editing experience. You may have noticed that… Read More »