PageSender is 5 years old!

(That’s like 50 in shareware years!) PageSender was launched 5 years ago today. The “fax software that really works” was released by Smile Software (the “smile” in SmileOnMyMac) at a time before fax capability was built into Mac OS X. Though faxing was later added in OS X 10.3 (Panther), PageSender’s full feature set, stability… Read More »

TextExpander tip: In Excel, Triple Click Does the Trick

When using TextExpander in Excel, TextExpander seems to keep the abbreviation that was typed in a cell and then enter the snippet four cells over from where the abbreviation was entered. Seems to work the came whether or not the “restore clipboard” option is selected. Is there another preference to help with this problem? TextExpander… Read More »

TextExpander tip: Save Time on HTML Coding

new external snippet file for TextExpander. This file features over 60 HTML tags and special characters that can be inserted using short abbreviations. If you like to do your HTML code, this file could save you lots of time. Once you install it, you just have to type ,h1 and TextExpander will automatically insert  … Read More »

TextExpander tip: Temporarily Disarming An Abbreviation

do want the actual abbreviation, no expansion, thank you. Here’s a down-and-dirty way to keep the “pop” in check: 1) Type the first letter of the abbreviation. 2) Press the left arrow key, followed by the right arrow key. 3) Finish typing the abbreviation. Arrow keys clear the key log–that’s why it works! (Thanks to… Read More »

TextExpander: Smooth Transition Between Keyboard Layouts

As I’m switching from a German keyboard to a US keyboard but I still need to write in French and German text, so I set up TextExpander abbreviations, like these: /ae becomes ä /oe becomes ö /ue becomes ü /ah becomes á /aw becomes à /c becomes ç Same goes for uppercase. To avoid much… Read More »