Mea Culpa: TextExpander 2.4.1

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TextExpander 2.4.1 is now available. In the course of fixing the memory leak for 2.4, I made a mistake on the code for handling the case of abbreviations. Once again “tiat” and “Tiat” can expand to “This is a test.” Yay! To all those affected, sorry for the trouble, and happy typing!

More Haikus for Our 5th Birthday!

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Mac Geek Gab wrapped up its poetry contest. Five winners got their choice of SmileOnMyMac applications to celebrate our 5th birthday. I posted the first three winners last week. Here’s a couple more. (Also, I have to compliment Bryan Chaffin at Apple Weekly Report. For the birthday giveaways on that show, Bryan used D&D* dice to select the winners! LOL …