Fun with Sounds in TextExpander

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1) I downloaded the sound at The Freesound Project, a huge collection of user-contributed sound files, made available under a Creative Commons License. (If you want the “oops”, it’s here.) Registration is free and is required for downloading. 2) I dragged the sound file “9020_WIM_oops.wav” into my home directory’s Library>Sounds folder. 3) In TextExpander preferences, I selected the Autocorrect group …

SOMM on the Typical Mac User Podcast

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Victor Cajiao interviews me for the Typical Mac User Podcast, episode 108. We chat about the company and our products. Victor is a big fan of BrowseBack (he calls it “Time Machine for Web Browsing”) and says that TextExpander has changed his life. Victor’s running a contest for copies of DiscLabel, TextExpander and PDFpen, so give the podcast a listen …

PDFpen and the Paperless Office

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Gordon Meyer, author of Smart Home Hacks, wrote an article entitled “My Paperless Office” which appeared on his blog and the O’Reilly Mac DevCenter Blog. He writes about how he has been using his Fujitsu ScanSnap500M Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner. It sounds pretty cool how he’s managed to eliminate 3 boxes of stored paper. He uses DevonThink Pro Office to …

We're Ready for Leopard!

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We released three updates tonight: TextExpander 2.0.3, BrowseBack 1.4.1, and PhotoPrinto 2.1.1. These updates add Leopard compatibility, and are free for registered users. We had already updated our other products for Leopard: PDFpen 3.3, DiscLabel 4.4.1, and PageSender 4.1. As always, if you have any problems, just get in touch with our friendly (and prompt!) support team.

SmileOnMyMac at Metromac and LIMac

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MetroMac in the city and LIMac on Long Island. It was a great chance to meet current customers and hopefully win over new ones. (And I got to pretend to be Britney Spears with the headset microphone.) With Chris Bastian, MetroMac president, at the Apple Store in Soho LIMac demo: “Better Living Through Software” With George Canellis, LIMac board member …