PDFpen 7.2 Adds Cloud Tool, Advanced Search Options and More

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 7.2 are now available with several handy improvements.  This update adds a new Cloud annotation tool, a case-sensitive search option and a new Editing preference to control automatic switching between the Edit and Select Text tools. You’ll find popup notes for highlights and stamps now offer a Delete note button and the context… Read More »

WWDC 2015 Happy Hour Round Up

The Smile Team made it to WWDC this year, and to the other two conferences in SF the same week. We’re looking forward to what iOS 9 and El Capitan will bring later this year, as are you. Here’s what our developer on the ground, Éric, noticed from within the walls of WWDC: There was… Read More »

All About Suggested Snippets

Our favorite new feature of TextExpander 5 is suggested snippets. What: As you type, TextExpander will let you know what you type the most, and suggest you make it into a snippet. You may have noticed these suggestions appearing in the corner of your screen through Notification Center. Where: To locate these suggested snippets open… Read More »

TextExpander 5.0: Taking Stock

A few days have passed since the release of TextExpander 5.0, so it’s time to share what we’ve learned from this release. Upgrade Overlay This is our first paid upgrade to use the new upgrade overlay. We made an error in testing, so it shows Version 500 (like 5.0.0) rather than Version 5. We got… Read More »

Sample JavaScripts for TextExpander 5.0 / TextExpander touch 3.5

TextExpander 5.0 and TextExpander 3.5 add support for JavaScript snippets. JavaScript includes a very nice math library, so in addition to having snippets which run on both OS X and iOS, there are a number of snippets which are easier to write. Here are some examples of snippets you can make by setting the Content:… Read More »