TextExpander tip: Auto-Correct Your Typos

“i” before “e” except after “c” — if you have trouble remembering this rule, you might be interested in the free autocorrection snippet file [note: this is now found using Add Predefined Group -> AutoCorrect Snippets under the + menu in TextExpander] we released today. It contains over 100 common typos and misspelled words. The misspellings… Read More »

TextExpander tip: The Science Option

TextExpander (formerly released under the cooler name, Textpander) is a great application, and I could not imagine using my Mac without it. As a scientist, I often have to enter symbols and greek letters. Under Mac OS X, entering symbols of any kind requires a tedious trip to the Character Palette, followed by searching for… Read More »

MacForce Summer Blast in Portland

And me at the SmileOnMyMac table with Edward McNair, who teaches at MacForce. Edward taught the first web design class I ever took, back in 1997. He’s the one responsible for making a Mac user out of me.

TextExpander: organize abbreviations by context

Timothy in Ohio sent us this detailed tip showing how he organizes his abbreviations into contexts: I find that using different beginning delimiters for different contexts helps me to remember which ones they are.  For HTML shortcuts, I start with “<“. For example: <3 = %| stuff (see below) For IRC (administrative commands), I start… Read More »