Smileworthy: Default Folder X

Default Folder X, developed by St. Clair Software, is a great way to maneuver through your files and folders. Here is what our QA guy has to say about it. (Hint: He uses lots of documents.)  I was introduced to Default Folder X in 2006. Since then it’s been an integral piece of my day.… Read More »

How much time does TextExpander save me?

TextExpander helps you save time while typing and tracks how much of that precious time you save. Click on the Statistics button in the TextExpander toolbar to see how much time you’re saving: You can set your typing speed to make the hours saved more accurate. If you’re a slow typist, like me, you’ll definitely… Read More »

Smileworthy: Tower 2

Tower, developed by German team fournova, is a favorite of the Smile team engineers. Many of them have been using Tower for years, and love the version 2 update. If you work on code and need Git version control, check out Tower. Here’s what our engineers have to say. I appreciate Tower 2 for its… Read More »

Sync PDF Documents with PDFpen 7 and iCloud Drive

Thanks to iCloud Drive, one of the few differences between PDFpen from the Mac App Store v.s. direct from the Smile store has been removed, that of document sync. Specifically, version 7 of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, purchased directly from Smile, can sync documents with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2 and with PDFpen Scan+ via iCloud Drive.… Read More »

More Elaborate Date Formatting with TextExpander

One of the most basic yet handy snippets in TextExpander is the current date. When it comes to customizing the date’s layout, many users don’t realize that TextExpander has supported Unicode Date Format Patterns since version 3.1. In addition to what you can do with TextExpander’s built-in date formatting, this adds support for: – week… Read More »