Sync PDF Documents with PDFpen 7 and iCloud Drive

Thanks to iCloud Drive, one of the few differences between PDFpen from the Mac App Store v.s. direct from the Smile store has been removed, that of document sync. Specifically, version 7 of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, purchased directly from Smile, can sync documents with PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2 and with PDFpen Scan+ via iCloud Drive.… Read More »

More Elaborate Date Formatting with TextExpander

One of the most basic yet handy snippets in TextExpander is the current date. When it comes to customizing the date’s layout, many users don’t realize that TextExpander has supported Unicode Date Format Patterns since version 3.1. In addition to what you can do with TextExpander’s built-in date formatting, this adds support for: – week… Read More »

Number Pages using PDFpen 2 on iPad & iPhone

One great new feature in PDFpen 2 is the ability to number pages in a PDF document. PDFpen 2 brings complete, desktop-class PDF page numbering to your iPad and iPhone and includes all of the options from PDFpen for OS X: Vertical Position: top or bottom of the page Alignment: left, center, right, or inner… Read More »

How PDFpen Scan+ Let Me Copy the Uncopiable

PDFpen Scan+ was discontinued on September 2019. LEARN MORE One of the exciting things about app development is seeing the unintended uses of the app after it is alive in the world.  This is an example of how one of those side effects worked for me. The Goal Copy text from a webpage with unselectable… Read More »

How does “Complete My Bundle” pricing work?

This article is obsolete. “Complete My Bundle” pricing ended on February 28, 2015. It remains available for historical reference only. Today, we’re excited to release PDFpen for iPad & iPhone version 2, a universal upgrade to our existing PDFpen for iPad and PDFpen for iPhone apps. PDFpen 2 is a separate app and thus a separate purchase.… Read More »