PDFpen 6 Supports Redaction via AppleScript

PDFpen 6 introduced support for performing redaction via AppleScript. Redaction completely removes text from a document and leaves behind your choice of either a black box or a blank space. It can be used to remove sensitive information from a PDF before sharing it, such as names in transcripts or account numbers in bank statements.… Read More »

Adding the Emoji Group to TextExpander

In the latest version of TextExpander [ download ], we added a new Predefined Group of snippets that you can add to your snippet library: emoji.  In case you’re note familiar, emoji is the Japanese term for the ideograms, or “smileys” used in text messages and elsewhere. According to Wikipedia, the word literally means “picture”… Read More »

New! Our mobile scanning and OCR app, PDFpen Scan+

PDFpen Scan+ was discontinued on September 2019. LEARN MORE At Smile, we are always looking for new ways to help our users be more productive and save time. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of the latest app in our PDFpen suite, PDFpen Scan+.  PDFpen Scan+ lets you scan and OCR documents wherever… Read More »

How iOS 7 Affects TextExpander touch

When you update to iOS 7, you may find that TextExpander doesn’t work in some apps which did work on iOS 6. Due to a change in iOS 7, those apps no longer have access to shared snippets. We have communicated with developers whose apps support TextExpander, and we’ve provided them an updated SDK with… Read More »

App Camp For Girls!

This summer, I took a four-month sabbatical from my work at Smile to launch App Camp For Girls, a program that teaches girls ages 12 to 14 how to brainstorm, design, build, and pitch iPhone apps, mentored by women developers. The idea had been percolating for some time. If you’ve ever attended a developer conference,… Read More »