TextExpander Snippet Expansion Comes to Every App in iOS 8

We’ve been hard at work since Apple announced the new and exciting extensions and custom keyboards available in iOS 8. TextExpander touch 3, coming on the heels of iOS 8 this fall, includes a TextExpander keyboard which can expand snippets in any app on the iPhone or iPad, including built-in apps such as Mail and… Read More »

Currency Conversion with TextExpander

Adrian Boioglu asked on Twitter: We’ll need four things to make a currency conversion snippet: 1. Exchange Rate Data Service OpenExchangeRates.org offers several paid levels of service and a free service limited to 1,000 queries per month. Sign up for one of those, and make note of your API key. You’ll need that later. 2.… Read More »

Tips on Shared Snippet Groups

Do you share a snippet group with a few other folks, a team, or an office? If you don’t but would like to, you can set that up by hosting the group on your server, or even in a public Dropbox folder. You can find the exact steps here. Here are a few tips on… Read More »

A Few Snippets More

We love us some snippets. Here are a few handy little snippet ideas to make your life just a little easier. The following snippets work best when they can expand next to any character. Click on whichever group you place them in, and the Group Settings will appear to the right. Choose “Any Character precedes… Read More »