PDFpen Tip Of The Day: Review Comment Return

Many of us have too much to do. So much too much that any corner moment you use to slide something off your plate is a win. Here’s how PDFpen for iPad & iPhone helped one of our teammates use a commute to give timely feedback and check another thing off the list. On the… Read More »

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad: Now with Snippet Keys!

TextExpander for iPhone & iPad v4.2 includes a new addition to the TextExpander keyboard, Snippet Keys. Snippet keys allow users to assign a snippet its own key for triggering expansion from the TextExpander keyboard. Instead of typing an abbreviation to expand a snippet, tap a single key. Update by opening the App Store to the Updates… Read More »

PDFpen Tip for the Day: Stamps

Need to put a big red Draft stamp on a PDF, or a Sign Here arrow? PDFpen comes with stamps for just that purpose. The stamps are a type of imprint you can place on your document that is new to version 7 of PDFpen and PDFpenPro and version 2 of PDFpen for iPad &… Read More »

PDFpen Scan+ 2.0 With Touch-Free Scanning

PDFpen Scan+ was discontinued in September 2019. LEARN MORE Today we are happy to announce PDFpen Scan+ 2.0 with touch-free scanning! This major update to our scanning and OCR app for iPad and iPhone has an all new camera screen which takes the scan for you, crops it, applies a color and paper size, all without… Read More »

iOS-ify your Mac Snippet Abbreviations

For those of us who made the bulk of our snippets on the Mac, some of us use a system of prefixes to differentiate snippets from other words we type. For example, /wikislash / used to start web addresses,,h1comma comma ,, used to start code snippets;addrsemi-colon ; used to start snippets you share with the… Read More »