iCloud, PDFpen and iOS 8 — Before you update

If you have PDFpen running on your Mac and PDFpen on your iPad or iPhone, please be aware of what updating to iOS 8’s new iCloud Drive will mean for you — no more syncing with your Mac until Yosemite (OS X 10.10). Macworld already has a good article on this topic, check it out… Read More »

What about that scary Full Access warning?

(or, Q: Does TextExpander transmit all my keystrokes to Smile’s servers? A: No.) TextExpander touch 3‘s custom keyboard requires Full Access to function as you’d expect a keyboard to, and the warning iOS presents about this is quite ominous: The TextExpander keyboard needs to share snippet data with the TextExpander app and to play sounds,… Read More »

TextExpander Snippet Expansion Comes to Every App in iOS 8

We’ve been hard at work since Apple announced the new and exciting extensions and custom keyboards available in iOS 8. TextExpander touch 3, coming on the heels of iOS 8 this fall, includes a TextExpander keyboard which can expand snippets in any app on the iPhone or iPad, including built-in apps such as Mail and… Read More »

Using URL Schemes with PDFpen for iPad and PDFpen for iPhone

The desire for Automation in the iOS-sphere by hungry power users is strong. To feed your hunger, several months ago we added support for custom URL schemes to PDFpen for iPad and PDFpen for iPhone.  If you are not familiar, a URL scheme allows an action in an app on your iPhone from within another… Read More »

How iOS 7 Affects TextExpander touch

When you update to iOS 7, you may find that TextExpander doesn’t work in some apps which did work on iOS 6. Due to a change in iOS 7, those apps no longer have access to shared snippets. We have communicated with developers whose apps support TextExpander, and we’ve provided them an updated SDK with… Read More »