Friends of Smile: Busy Lately

Friends of Smile have shipped some wonderful things lately. We thought it would be great to take a moment to acknowledge them. 1Password 6 and 1Password for Teams Our friends from Canada, AgileBits, have been particularly busy, shipping 1Password 6.2 for iOS, 1Password 6 for OS X, and introducing 1Password for Teams, currently in beta.… Read More »

PDFpenPro Wishes Mac Happy 30th Birthday

We are incredibly honored that PDFpenPro is included among the Amazing Apps celebrating Mac’s 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mac, from Smile and PDFpenPro!

TextExpander and Mavericks

We strongly recommend you use TextExpander 4.1.1 or later with Mavericks. If you are using TextExpander 3.4.2 from the Mac App Store, you should download TextExpander 4.1.1 or later. It should automatically detect your license. If not, please send us an email with your Mac App Store receipt, and we’ll work with you on a TextExpander 4… Read More »

Countdown to Macworld: Day 3

Seven more days to go. Remember to tweet your birthday greetings (tagged #smile10) and your Facebook comments. Every day until the opening day of Macworld, we’ll be giving out some prizes to random tweeters and commenters. Today’s prize is the coveted Smile coffee mug. Another great photo from the archive below. In 2005, Brian Bucknam… Read More »

Countdown to Macworld: Day 2

We are counting down the days to our 10th Macworld, where we’ll be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Here’s a photo from our second Macworld — 2004 in San Francisco. That’s when we released PDFpen 1.0. PDFpen has come a LONG way since then. In 2009, we won a Macworld Eddy Award for PDFpen and in… Read More »