Creating a TextExpander AutoCorrect Group

In version 4 of TextExpander, we added new AutoCorrect snippet groups for German and French. Andreas Zeitler, of  zCasting 3000, is an avid TextExpander user, so we asked him to create these groups. Andreas learned a lot about along the way, and shares his tips in this post.—–This is how the German AutoCorrect snippets came to existence.… Read More »

Macworld: Meet the Podcasters at Smile

It’s that time of year again. Smile will be at Macworld|iWorld this year. You’ll find us in the OS X Developer Zone (#201) and in the Mobile Applications Showcase (#818), where we’ll be showing off our iOS products. We are also happy to announce that the popular “Meet the Podcasters” is back. Each day at 3 p.m.,… Read More »

TextExpander and Japanese, Chinese, etc. Input Methods

By default, TextExpander detects the primary language of the current input method and ignores anything typed in Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Sanskrit, or Hindi. This is done to avoid unintended expansion or capitalization. If you’re a user of these input methods, depending on how you perform your input and how you configure your TextExpander abbreviations, this… Read More »

Fix Dock Hiding for TextExpander 3.3 on the Mac App Store

Quit TextExpander if it is running. Download the “Fix TextExpander” file. Double-click to expand the file to “Fix TextExpander 3.3.scpt” Double-click “Fix TextExpander 3.3.scpt” to load it into AppleScript Editor Press Run After the script completes, launch TextExpander (and quit AppleScript Editor) Our apologies for the inconvenience. This will be fixed in our next… Read More »

Firefox Bug Affecting TextExpander Fixed!

first posted about the issue last  June. The Mozilla team have found a fix, and it’s available now in the Firefox nightly build. The fix is also slated to be available in Firefox 4.0b12. You can read more about Secure Input and the bug. You can also read the history of the Mozilla bug process for this… Read More »