Smileworthy: SpamSieve

Philip Blog, News

For the second entry in our new “Smileworthy” category, in which we highlight software we like and use from other software companies, we chose SpamSieve. Like our first entry, LaunchBar, Philip, Greg and I all use this. It is another application we would not want to live without. SpamSieve will keep your email inbox nearly free of unwanted email. It …

DiscLabel 4.2 features

Philip Blog, News

Effects feature. All it needs is an image selected and the effects button pressed: You can start with an single photo of your loved one and really transform them like the following… Individual effects can be combined easily, and the effects reordered. So if you are searching for that perfect background image for a CD, maybe it is simpler to …

Happy Holidays from MacSanta

Philip Blog, News

Here’s a tip to help you find those last-minute gifts or get a great deal on software you’ve been thinking about buying. MacSanta is a joint effort of a bunch of Mac developers (including SmileOnMyMac, of course). All the participants (89, last I checked!) are offering a 20% discount on their products.

Textpander -> TextExpander

Greg Scown Blog, News, TextExpander

Today, we released TextExpander 1.3, our first acquired product. A little background on the how/why: A few months ago, I tried to donate US $30 to Peter Maurer, the author of Textpander and a medical student in Germany. I used his Textpander software every day to help answer customer support inquiries, to type URLs, and to sign my E-mails. I …