Podcast Potpourri

Greg Scown Blog, Smileworthy

Like a good podcast? So do we. Here’s the lineup of Smile sponsored podcasts. Geek out with this collection of Mac, tech, and creative process shows.

Smile @ Slack Frontiers conference

Maia Olson Blog, Public Appearances, Smileworthy

We’re big fans of Slack for team communication here at Smile. You can read some of our tips over on our TextExpander blog. So, we were excited to be part of Slack’s first conference, Slack Frontiers, where we could soak up the productivity tips, and meet other efficient teams. Slack did not disappoint. Shout out to the Slack team for …

WWDC 2017 Wrap Up

Maia Olson Blog, Photos, Public Appearances, Smileworthy

Smile made its way to WWDC again this year, moving with Apple’s change of venue from foggy SF to sunny San Jose. While the location may have been different, the bedecked buildings, faces and coffee shops were all the same. (Coffee shop = lots of). Shout out to the Social Policy coffee shop for over-taking the typical WWDC Hallway track …

Smileworthy: Keyboard Maestro

Maia Olson Blog, Smileworthy

Keyboard Maestro, currently developed by Australian team Stairways Software, is a great tool for Mac automation. If you want to skip some steps when performing repeated tasks on your Mac, check out Keyboard Maestro. Here’s what some of our team has to say about it. I spend most of my day on my Mac, both for work and fun, and …