Smileworthy: Podcasts

We love podcasts (mostly while commuting, or cooking dinner, or eating breakfast. Maybe while exercising? When do you consume podcasts, we wanna know?) Such an entertaining, informative, and helpful part of the Mac community, we seek out new podcasts to listen to all the time. Sometimes we like them so much we sponsor them, as… Read More »

Smile Goes to Yosemite (The Conference)

(Or, Way Too Many Smileworthy Things In One Blog Post) Last week Smile was proud to sponsor Yosemite by CocoaConf. Not just an excuse for us to make our own Yosemite desktop art, this intimate get-together featured speakers from the world of development and design, relating valuable learned life experiences. (Need help dealing with burnout?… Read More »

Smileworthy: Default Folder X

Default Folder X, developed by St. Clair Software, is a great way to maneuver through your files and folders. Here is what our QA guy has to say about it. (Hint: He uses lots of documents.)  I was introduced to Default Folder X in 2006. Since then it’s been an integral piece of my day.… Read More »

Smileworthy: Tower 2

Tower, developed by German team fournova, is a favorite of the Smile team engineers. Many of them have been using Tower for years, and love the version 2 update. If you work on code and need Git version control, check out Tower. Here’s what our engineers have to say. I appreciate Tower 2 for its… Read More »