SmileWorthy: BBEdit

BBEdit, from Rhode Island-based Bare Bones, is a Smile favorite. Here’s why. Éric says: “I love BBEdit because it’s an editor that’s powerful enough to do serious work and quickly zip through multi-MB files, yet simple and friendly enough to serve as a TextEdit replacement when I just need to jot down a few quick… Read More »

Smileworthy: SuperDuper!

Given yesterday’s release of OS X 10.9.2, this is a good time to tip our hat to SuperDuper! from Shirt Pocket. SuperDuper! reliably creates bootable backups and offers thorough scripting and automation options. Before I upgrade to a new version of OS X, I clone my startup disk using SuperDuper! Yesterday, I cloned from one… Read More »

SmileWorthy: CloudPull

We like to use Google Documents for online, real-time collaboration. We use it to take notes when we have meetings. We use it to edit product bullets. We use it to create spreadsheets when doing product planning. Generally, we’re thrilled with Google Documents, but we use it for enough important stuff that we worry about… Read More »

TextExpander touch integration comes to Fantastical 2

One of our favorite apps is Fantastical from Flexibits. It’s one of the most popular calendaring apps on Mac and iPhone. It has a beautiful, intuitive interface and lets you use natural language to create events. If you enter “Meeting with Philip at 1:30 on Friday”, Fantastical creates an event with all those details filled… Read More »

Adding the Emoji Group to TextExpander

In the latest version of TextExpander [ download ], we added a new Predefined Group of snippets that you can add to your snippet library: emoji.  In case you’re note familiar, emoji is the Japanese term for the ideograms, or “smileys” used in text messages and elsewhere. According to Wikipedia, the word literally means “picture”… Read More »