MacMania 10: Geek Tourism 101

A home away from home for Mac geeks. Don’t worry, Philip and Greg. I am not moving to Bermuda and getting a job at the iStore. :-) The iPad is not officially for sale in Bermuda yet, so these demo models have been played with a lot. Here are a couple Danish guys I met while… Read More »

MacSanta has come to town!

Quite a number of our fellow Mac software developers have teamed up to bring a little joy to Mac users this holiday season, in the form of the MacSanta 20% discount! Every day, until December 24, five different developers’ wares are featured at 20% off for one day only. SmileOnMyMac is featured today! Besides the… Read More »

Smileworthy: LaunchBar

LaunchBar from Objective Development. All three of us use LaunchBar and none of us can imagine using a Mac without it. With LaunchBar, you can instantly access applications, documents and information from most anywhere on your hard drive. When I think how I used to go to the Finder, open a window, click on the… Read More »